Improving Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences integration to address global challenges

To better understand the shortcoming associated with current practices of SSHA [Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts] integration, ISSUES e-magazine spoke with Professor Jane Ohlmeyer and Dr Doireann Wallace of the Horizon 2020-funded project SHAPE-ID: Shaping Interdisciplinary Practice in Europe. This 30-month coordination and support action, CSA, project (2019-2021), coordinated by Trinity College Dublin in Ireland, directly grapples with improving SSHA Integration practices through the delivery of recommendations and concrete tools focused on best practice engagement in inter- and transdisciplinary research activities.

ISSUES posed questions to Professor Ohlmeyer, SHAPE-ID’s coordinator, and Dr Wallace, SHAPE-ID’s project manager, concentrated on the subject of bringing more SSHA research in general into the next Framework Programme, the sort of skills necessary for interdisciplinary research to be successful, and the betterment of integration pathways, in particular for the arts and humanities, which are, on the whole, far less referenced in calls and topics than the social sciences.

Read the full interview here: Net4Society.

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