My Manifesto in Brief: Empowering Trinity

Trinity’s success as a university is rooted in its people and ideas. Our core strengths lie in our exceptional staff, our outstanding student body, and our inspiring alumni. As a community we are ambitious about how we can excel, inspire, and make a difference.

As Provost, I will focus on and deal with the significant challenges, internal, and external, that we face. This is a time for change.If elected, I will bring new ideas grounded in broad experience, new energy, empathetic leadership, as well as a return to putting people first and trusting and valuing our Trinity community. Together, we will unlock Trinity’s full potential.

Thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto. I welcome your active engagement with me over the coming weeks and ask for your vote on 10 April.

Trinity’s Talent: Putting People First

As Provost, I will:

Empower Our Staff: The Key to Our Future Success

  • Defend academic freedom and intellectual autonomy.
  • Recruit and retain the best talent.
  • Review work-life balance and disparity of workloads.
  • Promote dignity and respect in the workplace and a culture that is values driven and transparent.
  • Prioritise promotions and career development.

Enable Our Students and Early Career Researchers: The Lifelines of Our Disciplines

  • Invest in and improve integrated supports, services, and infrastructures for all our students and early career researchers.
  • Promote access, diversity, and inclusion, especially for under-repres- ented groups.
  • Improve staff to student ratios with a target of 1:12 by 2031.
  • Prioritise small group activity and trust our academics to be research-led educators.
  • Increase lifelong learning opportunities.

Reinvigorate Our Governance: Making Trinity Work for Our Community

  • Trust our colleagues to do their job and promote collegiality and community.
  • Ensure decision-making and financial allocation processes are transparent and engaged.
  • Ensure that Schools are the key drivers of academic activity and part of decision-making processes.

Renew Our Community and Relationships

  • Nurture effective multi-way communication.
  • Communicate tirelessly the value and impact of education and research.
  • Utilise national and international networks to set wider research agendas, build our international reputation and access to resources.

The Fabric of Trinity: Unlocking Our Potential

As Provost, I will:

Invest in Our Campuses

  • Strengthen links with the wider Dublin community.
  • Progress the overall strategic investment in our College infrastructure.
  • Invest in College IT and online teaching facilities and research collections.
  • Repurpose and refurbish our older buildings and promote sustainable development.

Promote Excellence in Research

  • Value the range and diversity of research in Trinity, both basic and applied.
  • Provide start-up and seed-corn funding for new frontier research.
  • Invest in research support services, especially post-award and impact.
  • Bring together, under the Vice President for Research, all research and innovation and strengthen the role of Vice President for Research.
  • Invest in our research institutes and incentivise inter- and trans-disciplinary research.

Secure Our Financial Foundations

  • Lobby for increased funding for education and research from the State.
  • Secure and increase non-exchequer funding.
  • Launch our second philanthropic campaign.

Realign Our Support Services and Systems

  • Establish a central institutional data and analysis office.
  • Work with IT services to integrate the 3 main systems needed to deliver the services that underpin research and education.
  • Improve communications forums for consulting with and drawing on the expertise of professional and support staff.

Prioritise Climate Action, Biodiversity, and Sustainability

  • Accelerate our commitment to and investment in climate action and biodiversity.
  • Develop and enact an ambitious strategy and action plan to embed sustainability into all College policies and operations.
  • Establish a Sustainability Office and a new College Officer position.
  • Build the structures and incentives to inspire students and staff to re-orientate their skillset, teaching and research, and climate-proof our curriculum.

Let’s transform how we communicate, connect, promote and support each other, and how we make decisions and implement policies. I hope you will join me in ensuring that we emerge from the next years of global crisis on a secure footing, making College work for our students and staff, and helping our community to achieve its full potential.

Together, we will build the Trinity of tomorrow.

Jane Ohlmeyer


Together we can realise Trinity’s potential,

putting people first so we can face the challenges of tomorrow.

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